• Waiting for An Angel
  • Waiting for An Angel

    “It was in the ships that the mouth-locks were used, so that they [the slaves] couldn’t console each other and rally their spirits and thereby revolt. To further discourage communication, no two persons of the same language were kept together: Mandingo was chained to Yoruba, Wolof was chained to Ibo, Bini was chained to Hausa. […]

  • Radiance of Tomorrow
  • Life Must Go On

    After the civil war, Imperi, a small Sierra Leonean town, tries to rebuild the life it used to have. Three characters, Kadie, Moiwa and Kainesi, come to their native town waiting for the return of the younger generation. Everybody is willing to start anew. However, after a while, their goodwill and energy cannot resist material […]

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  • The Rising of the Ashes | Tahar Ben Jelloun

    In this country the dead travel as statues and flames They wear eyeglasses and stretch out their scorched arms for flight. We say they became invisible Left to offer the living the years that remained of their lives. Thus only years litter the desert: a century, more. Lives for the taking, as jackals gorged on […]